Alia College

Alia College is an independent, secular, co-educational, secondary school of less than 100 students in Melbourne’s inner East, and cannot easily be described as any one “type” of school.

Alia College encourages students to accept the right of all members of the school community to express their ideas, beliefs and feelings and to argue their own points of view, to respect the diversity of opinions and to be willing to learn from each other.

The school actively promotes an awareness and understanding of cultural, social and personal values. Alia College has no specific religious or philosophical affiliation and it encourages respect for the values of all members of the Alia community. Teachers and students are free to express and celebrate their personal beliefs as part of the community.

The school welcomes a wide spectrum of students from diverse economic, social and cultural backgrounds. Alia students value highly their real responsibilities and opportunities to contribute to the design of their own learning environment. At Alia College students have a voice.