Cobram Anglican Grammar School

Cobram Anglican Grammar School is an Anglican school with a clear focus on educational inclusion, community service and providing our students with a diverse range of educational pathways and opportunities. 

Based in Cobram, on the Murray River, we are one of 15 schools across Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia, owned and operated by the Anglican Schools Commission (ASC).

Our foundation values enhance a students development as a confident, resourceful and compassionate young person, well equipped to face the challenges of adulthood.

At Cobram Anglican Grammar School we are focused on allowing students to reach their full potential and take advantage of the opportunities which come their way. 

The three main pillar's for our school are Integrity, Endeavour, Community

  • Integrity: always be honest and true in all dealings with one another.
  • Endeavour: always be prepared to do one’s best, no matter what the obstacles.
  • Community: always be supportive of one another, and recognise the intrinsic value of the contribution of every individual.

We opened the 2023 school year with just on 400 enrolments across our Junior School (F-6) and Senior School (7-12). Students at our school feel valued, happy, safe and secure.