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At Cornish College we're doing things differently today so that our students can make a real difference tomorrow.

A message from the Principal

Education for a sustainable future is education of a different kind. It is education that aims to take students to depths of understandings that are transferable beyond school, preparing them to make a difference for a better world.

The Cornish College Rings of Sustainability provide a lens through which we can operate, design curriculum and engage in critical thinking. The Rings represent four dimensions of sustainability that are interdependent personal, socio-cultural, urban/technological and natural. We understand that each of these dimensions must be in balance in order to ensure a future where there is enough for all, forever.

Our educational vision is about so much more than numbers. Every outcome that our students achieve, whether it be related to their ATAR; sporting achievements; participation in gifted and talented programs; social justice initiatives or the assessment of a unit of inquiry, should be an outcome that develops essential understandings about our world and builds upon the skills, knowledge and attitudes young people require for a sustainable future.

Employment at Cornish College offers teachers the opportunity to design and implement curriculum that makes a difference. It offers the opportunity to be part of a team where responsibility is shared, ideas are welcomed and pushing the boundaries of a curriculum framework is encouraged.


Located on 100 acres of natural parkland next to the National Water Sports Centre and adjacent to the suburbs of Patterson Lakes and Chelsea, Cornish College opened in 2012 and offers programs from Early Learning Centre (ELC) to Year 12. Cornish College has a double stream at all primary year levels and triple stream in all secondary year levels with a fourth stream Year 10 in 2023. Currently there are 710 students from ELC to Year 12. The College offers an ELC program influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach to education and runs the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme from ELC to Year 6. This approach to teaching and learning is embraced in a multidisciplinary, concept-driven and inquiry-based program in the secondary area. The Victorian Certificate of Education is offered in the senior secondary years.

With a strong emphasis on inclusion and respecting individual differences the College strives to see all young people thriving in the areas in which they have special aptitude. In line with this thinking, the College offers vibrant programs across the curriculum.

Are you passionate about teaching Mathematics to secondary students? Cornish College is seeking a dynamic and enthusiastic educator to join our team  teaching secondary Mathematics in an inquiry based, multidisciplinary learning environment. How to apply Applicants are encouraged to carefully review the Position Description on our website: To Apply for this Position To apply for this position, please write a letter to the Principal, Nicola Forrest, outlining your interest in this position and giving us an insight into who you are. Accompanying your letter should be your resume including contact information for three confidential referees and your personal response to the Position Description (preferably as one combined PDF file). Applicants should quote their VIT registration number in their application. Applications should be submitted by 9.00am Wednesday 6 December to:...
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