Schools are constantly juggling the needs of a conventional classroom and the demands of an ever changing, connected world. At ELTHAM College we are committed to providing experiences that respond to the intellectual and personal diversity of our students, while creating spaces and opportunities for collaborative learning. Our young people are encouraged to see life as a chance for unlimited learning, while teachers have the privilege of helping to grow the hearts and minds of the next generation.

At ELTHAM College we believe in empowering our young men and women to live their passion, while discovering a love of lifelong learning. From Early Learning all the way through to the secondary years, schooling at ELTHAM College has always involved enjoyment, fun, encouragement and nurturing of the individual.

We aim for our young people to graduate eager to relate to their world, understand their effect on it and use their creativity to help shape it in positive ways. We ensure that young people are nurtured, can aim high in life, continue learning, form successful relationships, juggle the demands of an ever-changing world, achieve independence and greet opportunities with confidence.