Lighthouse Christian College
ABOUT US Lighthouse Christian College is a fast-growing co-educational ELC to Year 12 School situated in Keysborough.  Our mission is ‘to assist Christian parents to teach and train their children in a Christian teaching and learning environment, so they will fulfil God’s plan for their lives, and bring this positive influence on our society’. Founded in 1989, the College has earned a reputation of being the Christian choice for excellence in education. It has also recently been recognised for having the highest rating for student relational proximity across schools in both Australia and the UK by Dr Rob Loe, founder and director of Relational Schools. For more information about Lighthouse Christian College – Keysborough and our associated campuses, please visit our website ROLES We are currently seeking expressions of interest for year 2023 in several areas such as: ELC – Year 12 Teaching Learning Support Teachers Learning...
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