Lyrebird College

What’s In a Name?

The name “Lyrebird College” was chosen for our school not only because the Lyrebird is native to the Yarra Ranges but because a number of the traits the Lyrebird exhibits are mirrored in many people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Lyrebirds are natural mimics which is one of the first skills all children are taught, and mimicry is a vital skill for all children with an ASD to learn.  This can be in the form of echolalia or the imitating of movie scripts and turning them into their own conversations. A Lyrebird will create a cacophony of complex sounds from those around them such as a laugh from a kookaburra, a song from a magpie or even a chainsaw.  It then fashions these sounds into its own unique song. This uniqueness is also aligned with people with an ASD.

Lyrebirds are known for being socially shy and difficult to see in the wild.  They keep to themselves and just like some people with an ASD, they prefer their own space.

Lyrebirds are beautiful.

Our Vision Statement

Lyrebird College will pursue excellence in the education of young people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Mission Statement

Lyrebird College will:

  • deliver an individualised curriculum that recognises every child’s right to be supported in a joyful and caring learning environment that enables them to meet their full potential.
  • develop and promote good practice amongst professionals and carers in the delivery of the individualised curriculum.
  • promote an understanding of autism in the wider community.

Core Values

  • Learning while happy; happiness through learning.
  • Safety for children; peace of mind for parents.
  • Belief that every individual can learn and has the right to learn.

Our Commitment

  • Continually strive for a deep understanding of each individual student.
  • Celebrate the achievements of our students.
  • Foster and maintain a culture of best practice.
  • Embed a child safe culture so that students feel safe and are safe.
  • Create and nurture a team of the highest quality professionals.
  • Encourage commitment and dedication from our staff.
  • Recognise the skills and strengths of our staff.
  • Seek continuous improvement in all we do.
  • Remain open to the acceptance of new ideas and approaches.
  • Maintain prudent financial and risk management whilst pursuing growth opportunities.
  • Promote constructive involvement within the community.
  • Create positive and beneficial parent-school partnerships. 

Democratic Principles

Lyrebird College is committed to providing an environment which adheres to, and promotes the principles and practice of Australian democracy, including:

  • elected governments
  • rule of law;
  • equal rights of all before the law;
  • freedom of religion;
  • freedom of speech and association; and
  • the values of openness and tolerance.