Maharishi School

Maharishi School is a culturally-diverse, secular Primary School. Maharishi School takes pride in its ability to provide an environment for its students that values the benefits that come with nurturing young people’s individuality and personal traits rather than “moulding” or making them conform to someone they’re not.

The school offers the Victorian Curriculum, enhanced with an approach to learning that integrates the principles of Consciousness-Based Education and Transcendental Meditation. This provides the basis of our unique approach that fosters the ability for children to think more deeply and develop valuable personal qualities of resilience, decision-making, insight, adaptability and purposefulness.

Each student has an Individual Learning Plan that identifies elements of their development that both teachers and parents have agreed should be prioritised. Students are selected for inclusion in our Learning Support Program according to their Individual Learning Plan. Students participate in “Enhanced” classes when identified as being well-above the expected level of achievement in their class. If below their expected level of achievement, students participate in Learning Support in Literacy and Numeracy.

Our Student Leadership Program is an important feature of the school. Development of outstanding leadership qualities is a priority throughout their seven years of education. Leadership is cultivated in all students through the appointment each term of two Class Captains who hold Class Meetings and then attend SRC Meetings. Senior students are given the opportunity to develop public speaking, responsibility, teamwork and confidence in their role as Captains and Ministers-In-Training covering a broad range of curricular and co-curricular areas .

Our school community understands and appreciates the benefits that come with having children attend a small and nurturing school. We aim for our class sizes to be in the 15-20 range, reflecting the importance we place on knowing each other well. Multi-aged learning groups are used, transcending the rigid social and educational separation of students into single ages and year levels. Our learning environment fosters a warm and supportive relationship between students and teachers which continues throughout their primary school years.

This is a school where your child will never be just another face in the crowd.