Red Rock Christian College

Red Rock Christian College seeks to promote relationship with Jesus Christ as the source of all knowledge, wisdom and wellbeing. We foster learning and wellbeing by establishing student identity in being fearfully and wonderfully made and by creating an environment of growth and secure safe relationships. Students are encouraged to discover their passions, character strengths and unique pathways within an educational environment that is relationship centred, inclusive of gender, and mindful of individual needs, age, interests and potential.

We believe that all are created equal and uniquely by a loving God and that respect should be shown to the beliefs and opinions of others. It is important that students develop an ability to communicate effectively, nurture and support others, value community, identify their own strengths and build healthy mindsets. We aim to do this by giving due honour to all people; in doing so celebrate their strengths, cultural/linguist diversity and their particular gifts and abilities.

We believe that authentic, meaningful learning is demonstrated in transferable understandings, and can best be established in a learning environment that truly allows for flexibility based on learning readiness not age, genuine ownership of learning by students, and learning programs that reflect students' interests and have real-life application. Learning should be as diverse as the students undertaking it and should lead to the development of their potential.