St Thomas Aquinas College

St Thomas Aquinas College is an Independent Traditional Catholic school that works together with its church community to provide an excellent and well-rounded education rooted in Catholic Tradition.

Our school motto “to form in each youth the true and perfect Catholic” is fundamental to all that we do. Religion classes are a core part of our school’s daily program and teaching Religion from the perspective of the Traditional Catholic faith is fundamental for the success of these classes.

The College's mission is to provide a complete education, taking in the whole of human life: spiritual and physical; intellectual and moral; individual, domestic and social – in accordance with the example and teachings of Christ.

Our Values

Faith: To firmly believe in God and all He has revealed to us through His Holy Catholic Church.

Hope: To trust in God; His infinite power, His goodness and His promises.

Charity: To love God above all things; and neighbour as self for the love of God.

Prudence: To form a calm and well balanced judgement, capable of discerning between truth and error, good and evil, justice and its opposite, then to act in accordance with that judgement.

Justice: To give to God and to give to man what is strictly owing to them.

Fortitude: To undertake & endure difficulties, and to show resolve and constancy in doing good.

Temperance: To show self-restraint in the face of temptation or desire, even in some things that are permitted, so that reason governs passion.