Trinity Grammar School, Kew

For over 118 years, Trinity Grammar School has provided the highest quality education to young men of Melbourne and beyond. We pride ourselves on developing young men who move on to take their place in the world as considerate, resilient and enquiring members of society.

Our dedicated and highly qualified staff hold high academic expectations for the boys in their care. A Trinity education is underpinned by tradition, informed by best-practice and takes place within state-of-the-art learning spaces. Students have access to the best academic and pastoral support structures available, enabling them to pursue their aspirations as people of significance, influence and service in their local and broader communities. 

Trinity students realise their potential in the broadest of settings, whether in the classroom, on stage, the sports field or in the Great Outdoors. Our Coordinate Program, run in conjunction with our sister school Ruyton Girls’ School, facilitates greater flexibility with regards to VCE subject offerings, and provides a co-educational learning environment at an age when teenagers have the maturity and self-confidence to gain maximum benefit.

We believe a school should be judged on the quality of character of its graduates, and we are immensely proud of the achievements of generations of Trinity Grammarians. Our motto Viriliter Agite – Act Manfully – challenges every member of our community to be loyal, determined, honest, persistent and humble in everything they do.