Wild Cherry School

Our Story

Established in Bairnsdale in 2013, Wild Cherry School is an independent, co-educational primary school offering prep through to grade six, kindergarten, and playgroup.

Our educational approach is founded on the child development principles devised by Rudolf Steiner, one of the most original thinkers of the twentieth century. His writings cover a wide range of subjects, including biodynamic agriculture, science, medicine, arts, social reform, and of course, education.

Wild Cherry School is an inspired educational choice. Our curriculum is broad and sensory-rich and aligns with the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework based on the Australian National Curriculum.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to nurture the whole child through a holistic education that encourages curiosity, creativity, bold questioning, positive social consciousness, and a connection to the natural world.

Our Vision

We strive to educate and support the development and potential of each individual child, whilst fostering a creative and ethical community.

Our Values

  • Fostering a desire in our students to aim for academic and artistic excellence by providing them with a rich, diverse, and integrated curriculum.
  • Inspiring the children with a lifelong love of learning, a morality that strives for goodness, an appreciation of beauty, and a pursuit of truth.
  • Developing children’s trust and respect for themselves, each other, the broader community, and the earth.